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These finding aids describe the content of one archival record group and shall guide the user to the holdings, records and other units of the archives. The arrangement of the finding aids depends either on the structure of the institution that once created the records, or on a topical sub-division of records. The number of finding aids will gradually be increased.

Available finding aids:

  • ITS 1 - Child Search Branch
  • R 1 - Generalbauinspektor für die Reichshauptstadt (GBI)” (Construction Inspector General for the Reich’s Capital (GBI))
  • R 2 - Files of the "Geheime Staatspolizei" (Gestapo)
  • NS 1 - Documents of the SS organization “Lebensborn”
  • M 1 - Courts Matial of the German Army
  • M 2 - Allied Military Tribunals, Nuremberg Follow-Up Trial against War Criminals no. 8: "SS-Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt (RuSHA)" (SS Main Office for Racial and Settlement Issues)
  • Person-Related Individual Documents on Former Forced Labourers on Microforms or CD ROM
  • B 1 - “Verwaltungsamt für innere Restitutionen” (Administrative Office for Inner Restitutions)
  • Records on Death Marches
  • NInv - Non-Inventoried Acquisitions
  • Westerbork Collection
  • Nazi Persecution Measures in the Benelux Countries

Tips for users:

The finding aids are available in German only at the moment. They were compiled with the Midosa software that was developed by the archival school of Marburg (explanations in German only). The data set for one entry can be opened by clicking the printer button. Midosa is not fully displayed by the safari browser. Please use firefox or the internet explorer instead.

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