International Tracing Service

Inquiries by survivors and family members

Survivors, next of kin, local or other authorities as well as estate executors may file an online application for obtaining information on the fate of Nazi persecutees. You will have to spare a few minutes of your time to fill in and send the application. If you are not related with the person you inquire for, we will need a power of attorney. You can send it by letter to our postal address or upload a pdf file.  

The following data are indispensable for treating your request:

Step 1: Name und address of the applicant
Step 2: Data on the sought person
Step 3: Purpose of the request
Step 4: Previous experience

The more information is known, the higher is the chance of a clear identification of the sought person by means of our documents. Names and dates of birth were often misspelled and it wasn't unusual that people went by cover names in war conditions. Therefore, it helps us in our search to know the complete names, first names and dates of birth of the persons inquired for. If you happen to know any details on their persecution, please be so kind to let us know as well. Every detail is relevant for a full and comprehensive research.

Our reply to your request will be sent by email or by letter to your postal address. Because of an unusually high volume of inquiries recently, it may take longer than we would like to send you our results. This especially applies to tracing cases as they often times necessitate our collaboration with third agencies. 

Naturally, you may proceed as before and either send us an informal inquiry by normal mail, or download the application form from our download page, complete and send it to us. You will find the respective addresses under  contact.

Scholars and scientists are kindly invited to fill in a research application, we request journalists to directly turn to our press office.