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A yearbook is among the academic publications of the ITS. The first ITS yearbook that came out in 2012 dealt with the death marches, the yearbook 2013 will examine early oral and written testimonies. Another publication project of the ITS is an overall register of camps for displaced persons – focusing on DP camps in Germany for the moment. Interesting documents will be the subject of further publications in the series "Findings from the archives". The research personnel of the ITS also contributes to anthologies published by other institutions.

Yearbook 2013: Uncovered

Survivors – Memories – Transformations

Cover Jahrbuch 2013

The 2013 yearbook examines early oral and written testimonies by survivors and the change their perspectives underwent over the decades. Early testimonies can be found in the archives of the International Tracing Service (ITS) as interview fragments in standard forms prepared by the Allies or as texts of several pages the authors shared with the ITS.

Disproving the legend that the survivors fell silent in the first years after liberation, these early testimonies reveal that they, quite on the contrary, started coping with their sufferings by talking or writing fairly early. The authors of the ITS yearbook 2013 have based their (partly German-language, partly English-language) contributions on ITS documents and on testimonies found in other archives.

From the contents

  • Sebastian Schönemann: Die ersten Aufklärer: Überlebende als Angestellte der Suchdienste
  • Stefan Hördler: Tatort Prettin: Interviews- und Zeugenaussagen von Zuschauern, Tätern und Opfern
  • Sascha Feuchert: Frühe Zeugnisse Überlebender
  • Nava Semel: Remembrance and its layers within the generations
  • Olesya Orlenko: Early testimonies on the liberation of concentration camps through the Red Army
  • Natan Kellerman: »What`s in a name?« Survivors` self-identities

Edited by Rebecca Boehling, Susanne Urban and René Bienert


Title of the series: Yearbook of the International Tracing Service (ed. on behalf of the International Tracing Service Bad Arolsen)
Volume number: 2
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approx 400 pages with about 25 illustrations
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ISBN: 978-3-8353-1213-5
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Yearbook 2012: Uncovered

On the Traces of the Death Marches

The ITS dedicates its first yearbook to the death marches which have come to the fore of academic historical research in recent years only. The research of ITS holdings newly uncovered has gathered experts round a table who have found and followed different methods of describing and interpreting this last mass crime committed by Nazi Germany.

Organised in three topical sections, the yearbooks portray the perspectives in which scholars and educationalists see the ITS collections (= Erkenntnisse / findings), introduce the reader to institution-own projects and perspectives (= Nachrichten aus dem ITS / News from the ITS) and centre on an annually changing leitmotif (= Freilegungen / Uncovered).

The yearbook 2012 includes contributions (partly in English, partly in German) from e.g. Katrin Greiser, Albert Knoll, Marc Mazurovsky and Reimer Möller.

It is published by Jean-Luc Blondel, Sebastian Schönemann and Dr Susanne Urban.

Uncovered - On the Traces of the Death Marches
ca. 400 pages with 40 illustrations
Orders may be put in at the Wallstein publishing house.