International Tracing Service

Pedagogical Axes of the ITS

November 2010

The guidelines regarding the basic pedagogical principles of the ITS serve the brief introduction to the history and collections of the ITS as well as the orientation as to what the ITS is able to accomplish in respect of education and which subjects and aspects of National Socialism can be involved.

On the basis of these pedagogical goals, materials are developed for different agegroup levels and types of schools as well as for the out-of-school education. These materials largely are compiled on the basis of the personal and historical documents preserved at the ITS as well as of the T/D-cases (Tracing / Documents, that is: files of correspondence with survivors or their descendants). Consulted are also pictures, documents and testimonials from survivors and other archives.

The document stocks of the ITS are an essential part of the pedagogical efforts and, for this reason, also a unique characteristic of this educational work. The ITS does not only open up to groups of school students of all age-group levels and types of schools and to the teachers themselves, but also to other groups outside of schools, e.g. policemen, lawyers, soldiers. For all groups, specific offers are developed.

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