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1. Information on the Applicant

e.g. University, Memorial Centre, Community, Authority

2. Reason of the Research Request

3. Subject

4. Publication/Evaluation

Do you plan to publish or publicize the research results?



5. »Archivnummer« (our reference)

Have you already been corresponding with the ITS?

In case you have already been in correspondence with the ITS with regard to your request, please quote the reference number here.

Have you already pursued any research projects at the ITS?

Do you agree that your address will be released to other users dealing with similar research subjects?

6. Statement

I agree with the Regulations for Access governing the use I make of the archives.

Handling reproductions
Photocopies and other reproductions of archives are personal material to work with. As a rule, they must not be copied, passed on to third persons/parties, or integrated within an archival repository. Making use of the ITS holdings in a publication, the author has to observe the quotation rules and guarantee accuracy.

I undertake to make such use of my findings from the archives as to respect the rights and concerns worthy of protection of persons as well as the utilization rights relating to reproductions of archives and as to assume the full responsibility for their violation.

I also undertake to hand the ITS library a free specimen copy of any printed publication I have composed using the ITS archives.