International Tracing Service

Regulations for Access

Regulations for Access at Bad Arolsen to the Archives and Documents preserved by the International Tracing Service (ITS):

Section 1: » General Provisions for Access

Section 2: » Access to Finding Aids

Section 3: » Rights to Access to Original Archives and Documents

Section 4: » Publications and the Protection of Personal Data

Section 5: » Fees and Charges

Section 6: » Rules for Use of the Reading Room

Section 7: » Expulsion from the Reading Room and denial of further access to the archives and documents

Annex: » User statement

Annex: » Data protection principles

Please note

Before carrying out historical research in the ITS archives you must accept the regulations for access.

If you wish to research the archives you are required to sign the

» User statement (Pdf)

and send it back to the ITS and you also have to complete and submit a

» Research request

to the ITS.

Fees and Charges

Access to the records and documents deposited in the ITS archives is normally free of charge. Fees may be charged for particularly time-consuming or complex research.

For more details please read Section 5 of the regulations for access:

» Fees and Charges.