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“More than just names”

Ute Hoffmann is the Director of the Bernburg Memorial, which commemorates the mass murder of sick and disabled people by the Nazis. She spent four days researching at the ITS in early November 2016.

What you are researching in the ITS archive?

I’m here to compile information on the concentration camp prisoners killed at the Bernburg gas murder facility in the context of the "Special Treatment 14 f 13” program. We’re planning a new permanent exhibition at the memorial, in which I’d like to show more than just the victims’ names.

The Nazis killed more than 14,000 people in the Bernburg murder facility. How many of them were concentration camp prisoners?

About 2,500 of them. We know their names from transport lists.

What types of documents are you looking at?

I’ve gotten an overview of the material on the Flossenbürg, Sachenhausen, Neuengamme, and Buchenwald concentration camps, and now I’m working through the lists of names in search of individual documents. Letters, for example, but also death certificates with false information about the dates of death and supposed causes of death, such as pneumonia. And then there are the inquiries sent to the ITS after 1945 which contain information on the victims.