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Publications 2016

What is to be gained by reconstructing paths of persecution and spaces of terror? Answers to this question can be found in the fifth volume of the ITS yearbook entitled Freilegungen – Wege, Orte und Räume der NS-Verfolgung (“Uncovered – Paths, Places and Spaces of Nazi Persecution”). The nine essays and case studies that make up the bulk of this scholarly work show how geographical research in the ITS archive can benefit the investigation of the history and postwar examination of Nazi crimes.

The yearbook was published by the Wallstein Verlag Göttingen. With this series of books, which was launched in 2012, the ITS aims to draw attention to important fields of research and how its collections can be of use in various approaches to research and education.

With essays by Henning Borggräfe (ed.), Christian Groh, Alina Bothe, Sebastian Bondzio, Christoph Rass, Ismee Tames, Beata Halicka, Anna Meier-Osiński, et al.

EUR 29.90 (D) ISBN: 978-3-8353-1925-7 (2016) Also available as an e-book.