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Commemorative Plaques for the Victims of the Death Marches

By an initiative of the US Military Government, plans made for a cemetery to hold the almost 600 casualties of the death march of Flossenbürg Concentration Camp in the community of Wetterfeld (today Roding/Upper Palatinate) began to materialize in 1945. The ITS archives still keep the drawings made for three commemorative plaques with the symbols of the Latin and Russian-Orthodox crosses and the Star of David on them. On 4 November 1950, the cemetery was officially opened. Following the exhumation of the corpses in July 1957 and their re-burial in Flossenbürg, the cemetery was closed, and the graveside became a memorial. The three commemorative plates carved from wood are standing there still.

(5.3.2/84606531, ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen)