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Statutes of the Lebensborn Association

A goal of the SS association “Lebensborn” was to increase the birth rate of “Aryan” children. This was to be achieved by anonymous deliveries and the adoption of the newborn infants by members of the SS. Moreover, blond-haired children matching the Nazi ideologists’ racial standards were abducted from German-occupied territories and sent to the Reich. The individual stories of children who were victims of this can be found in the ITS child-tracing files. The ITS Archives has a collection consisting of 113 files on “Lebensborn”. This association was under Heinrich Himmler’s personal command and among the documents kept on the “Lebensborn” by the ITS are the statutes of the association that he signed in his own hand.

(4.1.0/82448141, ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen)