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picture shows: map presentations of deathmarches

map presentations of death marches

There is a great deal of interest worldwide in the documents of the archives of the International Tracing Service (ITS) about former victims of Nazi persecution and the liberated survivors. A small part of this collection, which since 2013 is inscribed onto the UNESCO “Memory of the World” register, can now be viewed in a new online archive. The ITS has uploaded three collections in an initial step including photos of personal objects that were taken from the prisoners in the concentration camps. Also available are a collection on the death marches as well as files from the Child Search Branch from the time immediately following the liberation of Nazi victims.

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To encourage an exchange among academics and scholars, the web-user, upon registering, is offered the opportunity to post comments and any additional knowledge on the portal. The ITS screens these comments for appropriateness before publishing them on the portal. User feedback will also be used to contribute to further development of the portal. The ITS will next place further sub-collections online that have content related to the three topics placed online first. Altogether, however, due to the enormous amount of data, only a small percentage of the entire ITS Archive will be able to be made accessible via the online portal in the next few years.