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An Initial Overview

It is only since the opening of the ITS archives in 2007 and the transformation of the ITS from being a tracing service to becoming a documentation center for former victims of Nazi persecution, that the documents of the ITS are gradually being made accessible for the needs of historical research and according to an archival perspective. This is why, as is the case in many other archives, the ITS has a backlog in catalogue description. In the next few years an online-catalogue as a comprehensive digitally supported overview will be compiled. At the moment a central key word search in a general inventory is lacking.

For the present there are three different ways available to get information about the collections:

The general inventory offers interested readers a first look into the collections of the ITS. The structure of the general inventory is shown as a navigable tree. Proceeding from the highest level, the user calls up the single hierarchical levels of the collections. Detailed information on individual collections is not found here. The general inventory does not have its own search tool. More information on the setup and content of the general inventory is found here.

Between 2010 and 2014 a total of ten finding aids as well as a subject-themed inventory on various focal points of collections were published. The introduction given in each of the finding aids allows researchers a good overview of the corresponding collections and is available in English, German and French. The finding aids themselves are primarily in German. You can read more about the contents and the design of the finding aids here.

The online search is conducted in the chronologically organized acquisitions' list. It is not a catalog or inventory in the traditional sense. Instead, a key word search can be done in the brief descriptions of the individual partial collections. You can find more information on the key word search in the lists of the archival holdings here.