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Pedagogical Materials

The pedagogical handouts of the International Tracing Service (ITS) are created  based on the core themes  of the documents in the collections. They address the years of persecution in National Socialist Germany as well as the time after the liberation. Special attention here is given to the situation of the Displaced Persons (DPs). In this particular topic area the ITS Archive is a source of lesser known material illuminating the early post-war period in Germany from an unusual perspective. At the same time the booklets provide information on topics such as exile, loss and trauma. Drawn from the unique historical source material of the ITS – with the focus on the victims of persecution and the survivors – the handouts provide valuable supplemental teaching material for lessons. The documents used in creating the pedagogical materials encourage discussion and reflection, and help to illustrate history.

The ITS develops the pedagogical booklets in cooperation with other educational institutions that deal with Nazi persecution and its consequences. Most of the teaching materials are available in German. 

Online booklets on ITS Documents

Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

“Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service” – a new online English booklet series published in cooperation with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and the Wiener Library

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