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Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

The new online publication series “Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service” introduces documents related to various aspects of Nazi persecution and its aftermath in booklet form. Photos from the USHMM and the Wiener Library collections and tips for further reading supplement the source material. A brief essay serves as an introduction to the topic of each booklet.

The aim of this series is to spread the word about the ITS’s unique archival holdings to an international readership. The selected documents are also intended to provide impulses for use within the framework of educational work and call attention to the ITS archive’s research potentials. The series is directed primarily towards students and other interested persons. As it is published in English, it is also suitable for bilingual history instruction.

The booklets are available free of charge on the ITS website as well as on the USHMM and Wiener Library websites.

The new series is being produced with financial support from the Claims Conference, the Manya Friedman Memorial Fund, and Edie and David Blitzstein in memory of Kurt and Thea Sonnenmark.  

Women under Nazi Persecution:
A Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service
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The Camp System
(planned publication date: second half of 2018)