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Finding interesting approaches

Which documents are best suited to more closely address individual aspects of National Socialist persecution and its repercussions? How can regional or topical questions be made the focus of an educational project? We are glad to support you in your pedagogical work with documents from the ITS archives. In addition to preparing material for educational activities and training programs for people involved in teaching, the ITS offers support and suggestions for using the archive materials for educational purposes. This has a special importance at the International Tracing Service (ITS). All the educational services are based on the concept “Pedagogical Axes of the International Tracing service (ITS). Remember, commemorate and discuss at an extra-curricular, institutional place of learning”.

  • Workshops for Educators

    The ITS organizes one and two-day workshops that can also provide the opportunity for interested participants to do their own research in the digital archive of the ITS. The topics are aligned towards the core collections and key areas of ITS activities.

  • Preparing Teaching Materials for the Classroom

    In addition to its published pedagogical handouts, the ITS offers ready-made materials for lessons on the topics covered in the workshops. These include selected documents as well as methodical-didactical guidelines for working with this historical material, some of which is especially appropriate for bilingual teaching, as it deals with documents from the Allies in the English language.

  • Pedagogical support for study groups working with the documents

    As an extra-curricular place of learning, the ITS provides school groups, students and project groups an opportunity for a research visit in Bad Arolsen. Participants receive an introduction to the ITS and its document holdings, and have the opportunity to conduct their own research in the digital archives at modern workstations. The ITS staff members offer academic and pedagogical support.

    The ITS works together with the teachers in making  advance preparation for these research visits.

  • Mentoring and Support: pedagogical projects and memorial initiatives

    The ITS is actively involved in educational and memorial networks and collaborates with national and international partners. Participation in educational events, publication projects and exhibits are part of this. This often means working closely together to help search for documents or preparing a topical selection of source material with methodical-didactical guidelines. In all these collaboration projects the ITS draws on the holdings in its archive, thereby making an active contribution with its historical expertise and knowledge in working with the documents.

    Reiner Becker is state coordinator of the „beratungsNetzwerkhessen“ (Hessian state advisory network). In an interview, he reports on projects in cooperation with the ITS.

Thanks to the approaches that were illustrated, the teachers have been able to discover new forms of knowledge transfer in school education.

Professor Ilya Altman, Mai 2013