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Exhibition and Campaign

In the ITS archive there are nearly 3,000 “effects” from concentration camps: pocket watches and wristwatches, rings, wallets, family photos, everyday items such as combs, powder tins or razors, etc. Often they were the last remaining belongings of the victims of Nazi persecution, the things they had with them at the time of their arrest by the National Socialists.

In 2016, the ITS started a campaign to return the personal possessions stolen by the Nazis to the right hands.

Our exhibition #StolenMemory – Returning Memories Stolen from Nazi Victims tells what it means to people to hold these mementoes in their hands – and shows objects whose recipients the ITS has yet to find.

Would you like to join the campaign?

  • One way is to stage your own exhibition. We can assist you in tailoring it to your individual requirements.
  • Or you can help us as a volunteer. The personal belongings of victims of Nazi persecution from more than thirty countries, primarily Poland, Germany and the former USSR, are still in the ITS archive. It often takes a long time to find traces of the family members. ITS staff members are searching intensively. But the more people help, the better the chances of success. Time is of the essence if we want to return mementoes stolen by the Nazis to their rightful owners.

Learn more about ITS's "effects".