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  • T/D number

    Abbreviation: T/D

    Tracing/Documentation; inquiries from survivors and family members are registered at the ITS under this abbreviation, which dates back to the immediate post-war period.

  • Tracing/Documentation

    Abbreviation: T/D

    This term was introduced in 1948. The ITS archives include approximately three million T/D correspondence files. The abbreviation dates back to the immediate post-war era, with the T standing for Tracing and the D for Documentation.

  • Transit Camp

    These camps served as in-between points on the route to the extermination camps.

  • Transports to the East

    Collective transports mainly of Germany's and Austria's Jewish population that was deported to ghettos or concentration camps in Eastern Europe are occasionally called "Transports to the East". At the ITS a variety of documents and card files on these transports are kept, e.g. those departing from Berlin where deportation action was serially numbered in "waves".