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  • War Crimes Investigations

    A US program relating to the criminal prosecution of the war crimes Germany committed during the Second World War. The program's main phase ran from May 1945 until June 1948; it was definitively completed by the release of the last war criminals in 1958. The program helped to create and define fundamental legal norms for holding trials on war criminals.

  • Wartime Documents

    A term the ITS used up until 2007 to denote the collections of group two (see general inventory), which includes a variety of evidence on the whereabouts of mainly non-Germans between 1939 and approximately 1947. The term "Wartime Documents" was chosen because the collection mainly concerns forced laborers, who had to work in Germany during wartime.

  • Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt der SS / SS Main Office for Economy and Administration

    Abbreviation: WVHA

    The Nazis created the Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt (SS Main Office for Economy and Administration) in February 1942 by merging several SS economic units. Its tasks included the economic management and exploitation of the SS-owned production plants in the concentration camps. As of 1942/43 the concentration camp system as a whole came under the control of the SS-WVHA.