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  • Nacht und Nebel

    On December 7th, 1941 the so-called Nacht und Nebel Decree (Night and Fog) has been issued. Those suspected of resistance in Western Europe were abducted to Germany in widespread covert actions in order to be tried by special courts. The relatives of these prisoners were left in complete uncertainty, which was meant to break the resistance in the respective countries. Prisoners who were not shot immediately without any jurisdiction were transferred to concentration camps as well as prisons on the territory of the "Reich".

  • Nationality

    Throughout history and the Second World War, nationality changed. At times people viewed their nationality differently than the one ascribed to them. Many victims of the Holocaust changed their perception of their own nationality over the course of war and preferred to relate to a different group.

  • NS-Euthanasie (Nazi euthanasia)

    The term NS-Euthanasie (Nazi euthanasia) denotes the systematic murder of the physically and mentally handicapped and the mentally disordered.

  • Number Index

    Due to the number indexes, the documents are accessible by the prisoners numbers issued in the various concentration camps. The reference cards sorted in this way are duplicates of the name cards kept in the Central Name Index. Many documents to which the number index refers show no names.