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Pedagogical Materials

The pedagogical materials were developed for the German language educational system. Single sources are in English. 

Online booklets on ITS Documents

Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

Cover Women Under Nazi Persecution

“Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service” – a new online English booklet series published in cooperation with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and the Wiener Library

Women under Nazi Persecution:
A Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service
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The Camp System
(planned publication date: second half of 2018)

„Abenteurer wider Willen“ (“Adventurers against Their Will”)

Cover of the handout “Adventurers against Their Will”

Cover of the handout “Adventurers against Their Will”

The discussion of the letters in „Abenteurer wider Willen“ (“Adventurers against their Will”) offers different approaches for both school and extra-curricular education on topics such as emigration or escape, immigration to the host countries and adapting to the customs there.

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"Displaced Persons“

Prolog: „Was von Ermordeten blieb“ Bruchstücke eines Lebens. Die Brieftasche des Sinto Heinrich Laubinger. ("What remained of those murdered – fragments of a life. The wallet of the Sinto Heinrich Laubinger“)

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„Claimed Nationality. Desired Destination“. Neue, anerkannte und falsche Identitäten ("Claimed Nationality. Desired Destination“. new, recognized, and false identities).

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„Im Ganzen erholen sich die Kinder gut (…) Sie wünschen sich einen Neuanfang.“  The Child Search Branch (Bilingual) (“For the most part, the children are recovering well (…) they wish for a new start”)

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„Weit weg von Europa“ oder „Das Leben in Australien war ganz anders“ ("Far away from Europe“ or "Life in Australia was much different“)

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„Karteikarten und Menschen – Fenster in die Vergangenheit“ ("Card files and People – Windows to the Past“)

Pedagogical materials about the Card File of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany

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The pedagogical concept of the ITS

"The Pedagogical Axes of the International Tracing Service (ITS). How to remember, commemorate and discuss in an extracurricular institutional learning site“

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