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Dates, Information and Encounters

The ITS provides regularly updated information on its website about current dates and events, projects, activities in cooperation with other institutions, and publications. Encounters that come about as a result of the work of the ITS are also documented. The reuniting of families is one example of this, as are visits to the ITS from survivors of Nazi persecution.


    As an archive and documentation center, the ITS is involved in numerous activities. To provide an overview of these, as well as to keep interested readers up-to-date and to show the significance that the work of tracing and clarifying fates has in society even today, the ITS regularly presents current information on its website and distributes newsletters. On this page you can find all the current information as well as all the news since 2012 in review.


Dates and events

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Here you can find all the older news announcements since 2012.

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