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ARSP volunteers wanted

As of 2017, the International Tracing Service (ITS) is a project partner of the International Volunteer Program in Germany of "Action Reconciliation Service for Peace" (ARSP). Currently, the International Program in Germany offers about 20 volunteer places. The volunteers come from various countries in Europe, from Israel and the USA. Anyone interested in being a volunteer can register at ARSP until 31 January 2017. The one-year voluntary service begins on 1 September 2017.

Tasks of the ARSP volunteers at the International Tracing Service (ITS):

The volunteer mainly helps to investigate the individual fates of persecutees of the NS regime in the digitized ITS archives in order to bestow faces to the people behind the documents and to keep the memory alive. Her/his task is to assist Polish or Russian speaking teams by translation activities as well as the processing of inquiries. In the field of research and education, he/she will also be involved in current projects, will conduct investigations for inquiries of researchers and commemorative and educational initiatives as well as will assist visiting groups.

Expectations of the ARSP volunteers:

Language requirements for a voluntary activity at the ITS are native speaker Polish or Russian knowledge a good basic knowledge in German or English. It is also important to be interested in the history of the National Socialist tyranny and its effects on next generations.

Further information on the application requirements, registration forms and application dates can be found at the following link: