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International Network

Because of its history, its work and its organizational structure, the International Tracing Service (ITS) has always been an institution communicating actively across borders. With the progressively increasing internationalization of commemoration, research and education as well as a democratization of knowledge about National Socialism and the Holocaust, the cooperative work with international partners and the developed network of contacts continues to gain significance.

  • The International Commission, as highest governing body of the ITS, sets the impulses for the international network. Each year the position of Chair rotates among the representatives of the eleven member states, so that, by way of the Chairman, close cooperation with each country in turn is guaranteed. Important anchors in the international network are the partner institutions, providing access in their own countries to copies of the digital ITS Archive. In addition, there is a broad network of memorial sites, places of remembrance, research and education facilities, organizations of the different groups of former persecutees as well as in the tracing work with the tracing services of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Moon. 

    The establishment of the ITS as an organization – governed jointly by eleven countries and making its decisions unanimously, proves what a long way the international community has gone towards peaceful cooperation around shared goals and values.

    Andrzej Misztal, 2012/13 Chairman of the International Commission for the ITS. From his speech at the UNESCO ceremony in honor of the inscription of the ITS Archive in the "Memory of the World“ Register, Bad Arolsen 2013

International Organizations

The ITS fosters official partnerships with international organizations committed to Holocaust education, remembrance and research.

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Project-oriented partners

The ITS is a member of a national and international network and is involved in many projects with its network partners.

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