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New staff take on leading positions at the ITS

The International Tracing Service (ITS) has recently hired three new staff members in leadership positions: Dr. Volker Uhl began his duties as Deputy Director of the ITS in the middle of November 2013, Jörn Hendrik Kischlat was appointed the head of the Archival Cataloging Department as of the beginning of December, and Dr. Christian Groh will join the ITS in April 2014 as Chief of the Archives Branch.

Dr. Uhl took his first state examination in German Studies and History at the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg. Thereafter he completed a degree in Business Administration. He received his doctorate from Hamburg University in Business Economics and Politics (Dr. rer. pol.). His professional career has included tasks as comptroller and administrator in commercial enterprises and at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. Most recently, Uhl was the Commercial Director and a Member of the Board at the Heinrich Pette Institute in Hamburg. Uhl will support ITS Director, Professor Rebecca Boehling, with the administrative tasks that have resulted from the transformation of the ITS into a center for documentation, information and research on Nazi persecution, forced labour and the Holocaust. "Dr. Uhl's experience in the strategic development of the commercial sector, the reorganization of working processes and in change management will enrich the forthcoming tasks of the ITS", said Boehling.

Kischlat completed his training as a specialist in media and information services, with a focus on archives. He studied at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and successfully completed his Bachelor's degree in Archives and his Master's in Information Sciences. At the ITS, he is taking on the position of Head of the Archival Cataloging Department.

Groh is to start work at the ITS in April 2014 as Head of the Archives Branch. Until then, he will continue as Director of the City Archives in Pforzheim. Groh, who has a doctorate in History, has been employed at the City Archives since 1998 and took on the position of Director there in October 2013. "The humanitarian background, the structure and the international character of the institution draw me to Arolsen," said Groh. "The ITS is not a traditional archive, but an archive that has grown with its tasks and is structured by them."