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Semi Annual Report 2016

Views and perspectives

We have summarized the most important projects, visits, and events of the first half of 2016 for you. The semi-annual report is now presented in a clear online-version in the ITS website design, enabling you to find specific information more quickly.  

  • The first few months of my term as Director were very exciting. I started by listening to the staff members, thereby becoming better acquainted with the tasks and working methods of the different departments. I was also on the road, introducing myself to the different partners of the ITS – on the local, national, and international levels. It very quickly became clear that the ITS needs a comprehensive strategy with defined targets and sub-targets in order to better position itself and make its international significance more visible.

    The International Commission (IC) entrusted me with developing a corresponding strategic target planning. Working on this process together with the members of the IC as well as the staff of the ITS has been one of the major highlights of the first six months for me. Having our target system affirmed and approved by the International Commission at the annual meeting in Rome and receiving the support of its members serves to strengthen our commitment of addressing these challenging tasks.

    In the timeline you can find information about the most important dates and events that took place in the first half of 2016. Three highlights and the new section “facts and figures” provide more details. We also introduce some of our guests who visited us.

    I hope that you like the new style of the semi-annual report. If you are interested in updates and news about projects and topics the ITS is involved in, I can also recommend our new Facebook page.

    Floriane Hohenberg



These topics were in the focus of the ITS in the first six months of 2016.

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Facts and Figures

How many people have turned to the ITS? Who is looking for information? And how is the digitization project coming along? Here you will find all the information presented in graphs.

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