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Visit the ITS

As an archive and documentation center on former victims of Nazi persecution and the liberated survivors, the International Tracings Service is a place that is open to everyone. Please note that it is always necessary to contact the ITS prior to your visit so that we can offer you the best possible service while you are here.

  • Because of the range of ITS tasks, we can provide different services:

    • The ITS organizes presentations for visitors, to introduce the ITS as an archive and documentation center on Nazi persecution and the liberated survivors as well as giving information on the history of the ITS.
    • Anyone interested can use the Digital Archive in the reading rooms of the ITS for research and / or work in the special ITS library. As a rule it is scholars or people involved in pedagogical projects who make use of this opportunity, but anyone is welcome to do research at the ITS.
    • Survivors as well as family members of former victims of Nazi persecution are invited, within the context of an enquiry sent to the ITS and the successive search, to come to Bad Arolsen to see the original documents preserved in the ITS archive.

    Seeing the original documents for myself made it seem definite, rather than someone else’s view of what the documents stated. I can now rest my mind somewhat.

    Carol Noble from United Kingdom, October 2008

Looking into the original documents

Survivors and family members of former victims of Nazi persecution can see the documents pertaining to them in their original form.

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Reading Room

You can do research in the ITS digital archive. Anyone interested can register and work on his or her research projects at the computer stations in the reading rooms.

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Registration, Office Hours, Getting to the ITS

Here you can find all the information helpful in planning your visit.

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Learn about the ITS

Listen to a presentation on the ITS and learn about its archive, tasks, and history.

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