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Learn about the ITS

Picture shows a page with two wall paintings and a quote from the ITS presentation for visitors

A page from the presentation for visitors

How long has the International Tracing Service (ITS) existed? Why had there been so little information known to the general public about this institute for so many years? How many enquiries does the ITS receive today?

The ITS offers a presentation for visitor groups that answers all these questions. Here, the focus is on the tasks and history of the ITS, the document holdings as well as individual fates. Facsimiles of especially interesting documents are also shown.

Please understand that, for conservational reasons, we cannot offer any guided tours through the archive rooms where the historical documents and the Central Name Index are preserved. The protection and preservation of these valuable documents for following generations is one of the central tasks of the ITS.

Regular presentation times :

  • Every first Wednesday in the month at 14.00
  • Every first Tuesday in the month at 14.00 in English

For organizational reasons, please give prior notice of your visit

  • Groups of five or more can arrange to have alternative presentation times.


E-Mail: visitorgroup[at]its-arolsen.org

Telephone: +49 (0)5691 629 - 136