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On the Way to a New Life

On 11 May 1946, 67 children and adolescents boarded a ship in Bremerhaven bringing immigrants to New York. Lindsley C. Lueddeke, a Californian who traveled on board as a counselor for the United States Committee for the Care of European Children (USCOM), wrote a seven-page report recording his impressions. The youngest of the children was one year old, the oldest already 18. They came from eleven countries and were of different religions. Many of the adolescents chose freely to work on board. This USCOM counselor was deeply impressed by his group of children, some of whom were concentration camp survivors. With great empathy, he described the everyday lives but above all the courage of these children and youth on their way to new lives.

(6.1.2/82485905-82485911, ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen)