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Punctuality on duty

“Punctuality while on duty is the most reliable indicator of the inner attitude of those following. Unfortunately, I must notice again and again that punctuality at the start of work leaves much to be desired,” are the words to be found in a circular letter dated 26 May 1941 from SS-Obersturmführer (First Lieutenant) Lang to the department responsible for the admission to homes of the association Lebensborn e.V. The fact that such ideological ideas were prevalent throughout everyday life in Nazi Germany is manifested in this document, too, because so-called virtues like punctuality were supposed to guarantee the well-ordered processes in the institutions of the German state, naturally including, of course, deportations and other such measures. With altogether 529 files, the ITS holds the largest number of the relatively few original documents of the Lebensborn association that have survived.

(4.1.0/82452827, ITS Digital Archive, Bad Arolsen)