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Seminar at the IYMC in Oświęcim/Auschwitz

“Objects and Documents – Witnesses to History – New Concepts in the International Pedagogy of Memory”: that is the title of a further training seminar for memorial education staff, teachers and disseminators to be carried out at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz in November 2018. The course takes as its point of departure the question of what “the essence” of historical learning in memorials is today, especially in the German-Polish context and in view of the German and Polish cultures of remembrance. 

The seminar will place a special focus on documents—primarily from the Nazi concentration camp administrations—related to so-called effects. That was the term used to refer to the personal belongings of concentration camp inmates, which today are particularly vivid testimonies to history and possess great personal value for the descendants of the former victims of Nazi persecution. 

As part of the course, the International Tracing Service (ITS) will introduce #StolenMemory, its campaign to return effects to the relatives of Nazi victims, as well as its “documentED” project. The latter—which will be tested by the seminar participants—uses historical documents to help prepare for and follow up on visits to concentration camp memorials. The seminar will also offer an in-depth exploration of Auschwitz as a historical site. In guided tours and discussions with experts and first-hand witnesses to the past events, the broad spectrum of memorial work in the German-Polish context will be explained, and the seminar participants will be motivated to work with historical sources and initiate visits to memorials for German and Polish teenagers. 

The seminar is being offered by the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz in cooperation with the ITS and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. It will take place at the IYMC Oświęcim/Auschwitz from November 3 to 7, 2018. 

Go here for further information on the organization, registration and seminar contents. The registration deadline is September 30, 2018.