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International academic Workshop

, Max Mannheimer Studienzentrum (MMSZ), Dachau (Germany)

Picture shows: Landsberg, Germany, 1945, "Nocham" (United Pioneer Youth) youth leaning on an UNRRA truck.
Landsberg, Germany, 1945, "Nocham" (United Pioneer Youth) youth leaning on an UNRRA truck. Photo: Yad Vashem Photo Archive; Archival Signature: 3952/6

Life in the aftermath – Displaced Persons, Displaced Children and Child Survivors on the move // New approaches in education and research

In the past few years, interest in the aftermath, social and individual consequences of the Shoah, forced labour and Nazi persecution has increased. Relevant research topics emerging from the post-war situation include early testimonies, the immediate Allied care for the Displaced Persons (DP) population, regional micro studies and the ongoing displacement in following generations.

This academic workshop on Displaced Persons, displaced children and child survivors as specific survivors’ groups after 1945 is aimed at bringing together scholars and educators of various disciplines and from different countries committed to education and research on Displaced Persons and child survivors to discuss research studies, educational projects and outlooks on the future of relevant approaches. We invite everyone to take part in the workshop, participate in the discussion, and thus help to advance the work in this field.

Obviously, the topic of displacement is of special importance in times when the world is facing a tragedy of millions of refugees. Although the historical and the present situation are different, we believe that examining history can provide some directions, insights, and sensibilities that can be helpful today.

The workshop will include the opening of the traveling exhibit "Where should we have gone after the liberation?” Transit stations: Displaced persons after 1945, curated by the ITS in Bad Arolsen, which can be viewed at the Max Mannheimer Studienzentrum on all three workshop days.

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The workshop will be held mostly in English; however, some individual parts will be in German. Respective translation will be provided during most parts of the workshop.

There is a registration fee of  Euro 65 or Euro 50 (reduced price for students, persons doing volunteer service, pensioners) covering all food and beverages during the workshop.

The number of participants is limited. The conference place offers overnight accommodation in limited numbers. 

Please make use of the registration form to register or send an email to: historical-research[at]its-arolsen.org

Deadline for registration: 15 May 2016

A three-day joint event organised by Max Mannheimer Studienzentrum (MMSZ), Dachau, and the International Tracing Service (ITS), Bad Arolsen, with consultancy by the Holocaust Studies Program of the Western Galilee College, Akko, Israel, supported by Foundation EVZ.