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418 Central Name Index Cards Returned

On the occasion of the historians’ workshop dealing with the subject of death marches, Tomas Fedorovic from the Theresienstadt memorial could hand back to the International Tracing Service (ITS) 418 original cards from the Central Name Index. “Presumably the index cards were made available to the Czech tracing service, after the Second World War had ended, and not returned at the approach of the conflict politically splitting the world in an Eastern and a Western half”, explains Dr Susanne Urban, Head of the ITS Research Department.

The cards from the Central Name Index offer information on Czech victims of National Socialist persecution all of whom seem to have been murdered. They make reference to, among other things, the casualties of the death marches, mostly prisoners from Concentration Camp Flossenbürg. “We will take the time now to check and evaluate the card entries in order to see whether they hold any clues we are not yet cognizant of”, promises Urban. “Some spot checks made have yielded information that seems, in fact, news to us.”

Including, in all, about 50 million reference cards on the fate of 17.5 million persons, the Central Name Index of the ITS is both, the key to the documentation and the most important finding aid for pursuing research on the fate of individuals who fell victim to Nazi persecution. The Theresienstadt memorial made scans of the cards just handed to the ITS to ensure that the information on the fate of the murdered persons continues to be at disposal for documents’ search and research procedures in the Czech Republic.