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Advanced Training for Teachers on the Subject “Deportations – Social Players and their Options"

The educational centre of the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt/Main, the initiative “Faites votre jeu!” and the International Tracing Service (ITS) jointly offered teachers and educators an advanced training course on the subject “Deportations – Social Players and their Options for Action” on 22 November 2012. The one-day conference took place at the former police prison Klapperfeld.

Deriving benefit from three different workshops and several documents’ packages from the ITS archives, 14 teachers and educators received information on the subject and possible approaches to convey it to young people. “An animated discussion arose on the possible use of the documents for educational day-by-day work in particular focusing on individual options for action and various possibilities to show the relevance of the persecution for present day life”, comments ITS research assistant René Bienert.

The Nazi bureaucracy and the perpetrators were examined by an example of deportations from the Düsseldorf area. Topics such as the expropriation and the Nazis’ raid around Europe were also touched. Individual biographies allowed a deeper view into the fates of victims. Thus the workshop “A deportation in photographs” showing the deportation from Hanau on 30 June 1942 in a series of photos illustrated the forced exodus from a Hessian town complemented by biographies.

“Participants’ responses to the advanced training day were positive throughout”, summarises Bienert. “Several attendants announced that they would use the ITS archives for own research and for preparing lessons or that would come with their school classes to Arolsen.”