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Antisemitism Today

A brief information film released by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) offers insights into new and long-known forms of antisemitism, their origins and their consequences. Seven experts from different backgrounds take a stance on current worldwide developments, among them Floriane Hohenberg, the director of the International Tracing Service (ITS).

“If you leave antisemitism unresponded to by law enforcement, by governments, by political leaders, then you send this message that it’s tolerated, that it’s completely accepted.” In the USHMM film, ITS director Floriane Hohenberg puts the zero-tolerance strategy for dealing with antisemitism in clear terms. Along with renowned human rights experts such as Samantha Power, US ambassador to the United Nations, as well as representatives of politics, science and religion, she warns of the consequences of hatred and anti-Semitism for society.

The film juxtaposes personal statements with images of the kind encountered ever more frequently in the news: of incidents ranging from attacks on Jewish institutions in Paris and Brussels to neo-Nazi demonstrations in various countries.

The film can be viewed on the USHMM website and on YouTube.