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Bad Arolsen as a location for research

Jean-Luc Blondel, Director of the International Tracing Service (ITS), and Jürgen van der Horst, Mayor of the town of Bad Arolsen, invited the participants of the first workshop for historians the ITS organised on its own to an evening reception. “The goal we pursue with this workshop is to further, and give impetus to, research on the site of the ITS”, said Blondel. Between 4th and 7th October 2010, the ITS organises and hosts a workshop on the subject of death marches which 13 representatives from five countries take part in.

Mayor van der Horst welcomed the historians to Bad Arolsen. “My wish is that the ITS and, with it, the town will come to be a location of research”, so van der Horst. “The tracing service has become valuable for the town’s image.”

The workshop paves the way for concrete research projects and another conference on the subject of death marches that takes place in the year to come. The ITS holds in its archive documentary material on the topic which, in part, has not yet been published. “That is why we have started our own research just with this subject”, explains Blondel. The ITS intends to open up other research fields by continuing with organising workshops and carrying out projects of collaboration with other institutions.