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Book-Presentation “Auf Omas Geburtstag fahren wir nach P.“

In the middle of December 2013, Marion Lilienthal, Karl-Heinz Stadtler and Wilhelm Völcker-Janssen, together with more than 20 authors, presented the book “Auf Omas Geburtstag fahren wir nach P. – Die gewaltsame Verschleppung von Juden aus Waldeck-Frankenberg 1941/1942“ (On grandma’s birthday we are going to P.  – The forcible deportation of Jews from Waldeck-Frankenberg 1941/1942) in the Vöhl Synagogue. The book is intended to commemorate the more than 500 Jews who were deported from the administrative district of Kassel to Riga, Sobibor/Majdanek and Theresienstadt. “This book is not only a historical compilation”, Professor Dietfried Krause-Vilmar, who had assumed the task of presenting the book, declared. “It is meant to pay the last respects to the dead.”

The 443-page book includes one part looking back on the historical background and a second one focusing on the deportation of the Jewish citizens in the home villages, on the story of the people. “It is nearby where things are decided”, Krause-Vilmar said. “The self-critical analysis with respect to one’s own village is often painful, but necessary.” For years, some of the authors have researched and conducted interviews with contemporary witnesses. There had once been Jewish life in 19 of 22 communities in the rural district of Waldeck-Frankenberg.

“The elimination of the Jewish citizens, their families, and their culture has left a void in this society that can never be filled again”, Professor Rebecca Boehling, Director of the International Tracing Service, underlines in her welcome address. “We have to get a feeling for what and who we have lost.” This is where the book is intended to help. The ITS is a center of documentation, information and research about National Socialist persecution, forced labor and the Holocaust. The 30 million documents are an essential source of information for regional research and for this book. Three employees of the ITS have written contributions to the book.

Marion Lilienthal, Karl-Heinz Stadtler, Wilhelm Völcker-Janssen
“Auf Omas Geburtstag fahren wir nach P.“ Die gewaltsame Verschleppung von Juden aus Waldeck-Frankenberg 1941/1942
443 pages
IBSN: 978-3-9813425-4-3
19,80 Euro