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Book Published with Stories investigated in the ITS Archives

For several months, the Italian journalist Marco Ansaldo had been searching the documents in the archives of the International Tracing Service (ITS) for stories worth to be told. Those were first published as a series in the newspaper “Repubblica” and now in the book “Il falsario italiano di Schindler – I segreti dell’ultimo archivio nazista” (Schindler’s Italian Counterfeiter – The Secrets of the Last Nazi Archive).

The Italian on Schindler’s list, a letter written by Primo Levi, the death of a camp inmate with a pink triangle, a political prisoner from Turkey, the death marches from the viewpoint of an eye witness, survivors on a photograph from the concentration camp Buchenwald – selecting single documents and personal fates, Ansaldo approaches the subject of Nazi persecution from an Italian perspective and gives his readers an idea of the variety of documents in the ITS archives.

Ansaldo has investigated the stories with great care, he has cast light on the personal background of the victims and on the political circumstances of the time, and thus brings home to the readers the extent of Nazi persecution all over Europe. “The archives in Bad Arolsen document almost completely the National Socialists’ obsession and catalogue every single aspect of the persecution”, says the introductory comment on the book published by Rizzoli. The book will hopefully also find publishers in other countries.

Book title: “Il falsario italiano di Schindler – I segreti dell’ultimo archivio nazista”
Author: Marco Ansaldo
Publishers: RIZZOLI
Pages: 280
Price: EURO 18.00
October 2012
ISBN: 17059084