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Commission meets in Bad Arolsen

The International Commission for the International Tracing Service (IC/ITS) convened for a two-day meeting in Bad Arolsen to discuss the goals of the ITS until the year 2020. The discussion particularly focused on improving access to the documents in the ITS archive. “The ITS is gaining momentum. We are pleased to see that numerous projects in the coming years will be dedicated to the issue of access,” said Paul Dostert, Chairman of the IC, at the end of the meeting.

The International Commission sets out the guidelines for the work of the ITS. The Commission currently comprises eleven member states whose representatives meet twice a year. Along with access to the documents, the Commission talked about the visibility of the ITS, the expansion of its services, improved networking, and the schedule for the planned construction of the new archive building. ITS employees presented their projects in the areas of archival work, research and education, and handling inquiries. These projects included online exhibitions, a new conservation plan, joint educational projects with memorials, and international conferences. “We’ve put together a whole package of measures to give the ITS a clear profile,” said ITS Director Floriane Hohenberg.

At a previous two-day expert meeting, representatives of the ITS and the institutions that hold a copy of the ITS collections talked about the potential development of their shared database. Future requirements here will include an updated search function, additional metadata, supplemental thesauri, optimization for mobile devices, and standardized attributes.