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Third volume in the ITS series “Findings”

Cover of the 'Findings'
Cover of the 'Findings'

“Changing awareness of the crimes and victims of the Nazi regime”

In conjunction with the prosecution of the perpetrators, the compensation of the victims, and public commemoration, the circle of officially recognized victims of Nazi persecution has repeatedly been redefined and widened. The International Tracing Service (ITS) sheds light on various aspects of this process – as well as on its own role – in the third volume of its publication series “Findings”.

The volume begins with an introductory essay from Dr. Harald Schmid, who gives a brief outline of the confrontation with National Socialism in West German postwar society. He traces the different stages of public awareness and recognition concerning various victims groups: these developments had immediate personal consequences for the survivors of Nazi persecution as well as for the family members of those murdered: be it regarding compensation, or be it regarding social respect or ostracism. This first chapter serves as a comparative perspective for the confrontational analysis that follows concerning the ITS as the most important institution in providing information on individual victims of persecution. Using the example of those persons persecuted for being “asocial”, Dr. Henning Borggräfe and Hanne Leßau show to what extent the ITS assumed the prevailing social image of the day pertaining to Nazi injustice, or how far the ITS distanced itself from this – often to the advantage of the people concerned, but also occasionally to their disadvantage.

In the some 60 pages of the third volume in the “Findings” series, little known documents from the ITS Archive are presented. Rather than providing conclusive results, the accompanying essays offer instead an outline of the issues, thus giving impetus to further research.

Edited by Henning Borggräfe, Hanne Leßau and Harald Schmid, commissioned by the International Tracing Service Bad Arolsen

Series title: Findings

Volume number 3

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64 pages with 18 images/photos
ISBN: 978-3-8353-1744-4 (2015)