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Women under Nazi Persecution

From the treatment of pregnant forced labourers to women forced into prostitution in concentration camps: the first issue of a new online series of publications based on documents from the International Tracing Service (ITS) archive, is dedicated to particular forms of exploitation and persecution of women by the Nazis.

The conditions under which forced labourers had to give birth to children and give them away for "Germanization" or obtained permission for abortions are clarified in detail in a circular from the NSDAP's “Headquarters for People’s Welfare” dated January 20th 1944. This letter is an example of documents relating to the exploitation and persecution of women by the Nazis. A selection of these documents has been published in the online publication "Women under Nazi Persecution" with explanations and questions for pedagogical work. It is edited by the International Tracing Service (ITS) in cooperation with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and the Wiener Library and financially supported by the Claims Conference, the Manya Friedman Memorial Fund and Edie and David Blitzstein in memory of Kurt and Thea Sonnenmark. 

Stimuli for the work with ITS documents

The supplement "Women under Nazi Persecution" as well as all other publications in this series are intended for pedagogical work and is aimed at university students and interested parties. The publication series is available in English. For all original documents in German, English translations are available. The source materials include photos from the collections of the USHMM and the Wiener Library as well as literature references. A short essay provides an introduction to the topic of the respective issue. The aim of this new series of publications is to make the ITS archive's unique holdings more widely known abroad. At the same time, the selected documents are intended to provide stimuli for use in pedagogical work raising awareness for the research potential of the ITS archive.

Women under Nazi Persecution: A Primary Source Supplement Based on Documents from the International Tracing Service
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