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French Archives Nationales to Use Digital Database of the ITS

Archivist Monique Leblois-Péchon from the French National Archives has paid a two-day visit to the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen studying the digital database and research methods for individual fates and topics. The French National Archives that had received a copy of the ITS archives in December 2010 plans to obtain the software needed to operate the ITS database.

Leblois-Péchon together with a small team will take care of the visitors to the French National Archives who intend to research in the database, the so called OuS-Archive. “What I have seen so far is very interesting”, said the French national. “Of course it needs time to adjust oneself to the system. But I had a good many of opportunities to exercise my skills on the cases I brought along and ask the ITS staff questions.”

The interest in Nazi persecution and in the occupation era is vital in France, underlined the archivist. “I am sure that we will receive a great number of requests as soon as we go public with our offer of doing a search in the ITS database.” The project will start this summer. Aside from the ITS and the French National Archives, the OuS-Archive is also used by Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.