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General inventory online

The International Tracing Service (ITS) has published its complete inventory on the internet. The inventory offers an overview of the ITS’s archival holdings, which comprise some 30 million documents on National Socialist persecution and forced labour as well as the fates of the survivors. The archive’s original documents have been inscribed in the UNESCO documentary heritage register “Memory of the World” since 2013.

“With the aid of the general inventory, archive users can gain a good impression of the structure and contents of our holdings,” explains archive director Dr. Christian Groh. “This will greatly facilitate research into specific subjects and preparation for a visit to the archive.” The inventory offers basic information on the individual sub-collections. This includes, for example, the title, size and access number as well as a brief description of the contents. The searchable structure of the general inventory is shown as a navigable tree. It is also possible to carry out searches on the basis of keywords. The general inventory is available in German and English.

The indexing of the extensive holdings, however, has not yet reached completion. For reasons of transparency, the ITS has deliberately decided to include parts of the holdings that have undergone only preliminary or superficial indexing to date in its general online inventory. One by one, the existing information on the sub-collections will be supplemented with detailed descriptions of the contents to permit more in-depth access to the documents. The general inventory on our website reflects the current status of the indexing process, as the data is retrieved directly from the digital ITS archive.

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