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Holocaust Documents Online

Archives around the world are putting collections online and gaining experience with digital usage. Through the EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) network, trailblazers in this development are meeting in Bucharest this week to present their projects.

Speakers from institutions such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism in Tel Aviv, and the Archives of Contemporary History at ETH Zurich will talk about opportunities and challenges here.

The ITS aims to make its UNESCO Memory of the World archives available to researchers and other interested individuals worldwide, and it already has experience in sharing its collections online. ITS archive director Christian Groh has been invited to present the digital online archive that was launched at the end of 2015. He is focusing on the options available to users thanks to the indexing used by the ITS. After a pilot phase of 18 months, the ITS has continued to upload its document collections. This is possible because the ITS has already digitized around 85 percent of its documents, which is an unusually high rate for an archive.