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IHRA Meeting in Bucharest

200 participants from some 40 countries met from 23-26 May 2016 to discuss the Holocaust as a contemporary political issue. Representing the ITS, Director Floriane Hohenberg took part in this meeting of the IHRA.

The first bi-annual plenary meeting of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) under Romanian chairmanship took place at the end of May 2016 in Bucharest. On the agenda were discussions on contemporary issues, such as the protection of endangered sites and the adoption of a working definition of anti-Semitism. In addition, the results of the International Research Conference on Education about the Holocaust, which had taken place in Lucerne in February 2016, were presented. Floriane Hohenberg and Akim Jah had represented the ITS at this conference, where Akim Jah had sketched out the pedagogical work of the ITS in a brief presentation.

Since May 2014, the ITS is one of the permanent international partners of the IHRA. ITS Director Floriane Hohenberg places enormous value on intensive cooperation and the involvement of the ITS in international projects. The IHRA meeting in Bucharest was the first of its kind where she participated as the Director of the ITS Archive and Documentation Center and World Cultural Heritage.

The IHRA, with support from the areas of politics and society, pursues the goal of anchoring the Holocaust in the collective memory through education, commemoration, and research. The work of IHRA is based on the ‟Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust” declaration from the year 2000. The ITS has been incorporated into the circle of permanent international partners, of which the UNO, the UNESCO, the Jewish Claims Conference, the European Council, the EU-Organisation for Basic Rights as well as the OSCE/ODIHR are members, thus emphasizing the significance of the ITS and its responsibility in pursuing the goals of the IHRA.