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Improved protection of cultural assets

Several institutions of Kassel and the region of Northern Hesse today founded an emergency network to improve the protection of cultural assets in libraries, museums and archives. The International Tracing Service (ITS) is one of the new network’s twelve partners.

The past years have shown that fires, floods and storms can cause severe damages in libraries, museums and archives. In Kassel and the region of Northern Hesse there is recognition of the need to be prepared for such events and help one another in cases of emergency. Representatives of twelve cultural institutions have joined to form a strong network for the protection of cultural assets, and on November 11, 2016 signed an agreement for the founding of the “Notfallverbund Kassel und Nordhessen” (“Kassel and Northern Hesse Emergency Network”). Its purpose is to organize damage prevention as well as the measures necessary to recover cultural assets in cases of emergency or disaster. Director Floriane Hohenberg signed the agreement on behalf of the ITS.

The emergency plan not only provides for mutual support in an emergency, but also for ongoing emergency preparedness and involvement of the local fire department as well as the equipment necessary for the expert recovery and preservation of cultural assets. Should the need arise, all necessary equipment for securing the disaster site, protecting the specialized personnel, and transporting damaged cultural assets will be readily available on site. Like the other partners, the ITS has drawn up specific, up-to-date emergency plans for each of its structural facilities, alarm lists, and recovery plans complete with rescue priorities.

The partners are:

  • Documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH
  • Evangelische Kirche von Kurhessen-Waldeck (Landeskirchliches Archiv, Kassel; Landeskirchliche Bibliothek, Kassel; Predigerseminar der EKKW, Bibliothek, Hofgeismar)
  • Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg (archive of the Dt. Jugendbewegung, Burg Ludwigstein)
  • International Tracing Service (ITS)
  • Internationale Louis Spohr Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen
  • Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel
  • Stadt Kassel (municipal archive)
  • Stiftung Archiv der deutschen Frauenbewegung