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“It silently directed my life”

Picture show: filming at Buchenwald Memorial
Filming at Buchenwald Memorial, photo: Buchenwald Documentaire

Four students of the Hanzehoge School Groningen visited the International Tracing service (ITS) in November 2015 to obtain documents for their documentary ‘In stilte stuurde het mijn leven’ ("It silently directed my life"). Here they talk about their project.

“There once will come a day when we’ll be free”, a phrase from the famous Buchenwald song, sung by inmates of the former concentration camp. But what if it turns out that even though you have physically been freed from imprisonment, you are never really free?

In the documentary ‘In stilte stuurde het mijn leven’ (It silently directed my life), Dutch former inmate of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Piet Wiers (91) and his daughter Tiny Wiers (66) reflect on the period during and after World War II and how it has affected their lives to this day. Piet Wiers: “As soon as I go to bed I sleep a couple of hours. At around one ‘o clock I have to get out of bed and drink a sip of water and sit down for a while. When I go back to bed my mind wanders and I think about everything again, every single night.”

The documentary is produced entirely by four students of the Hanzehoge School Groningen, the Netherlands. On their trip to the Buchenwald Memorial to shoot film material for the documentary, they paid a visit to the International Tracing Service (ITS). With the help of the ITS, among others, the documentary portrays the atrocities of being an inmate in a concentration camp and the long-term effects of these kind of imprisonments, even on the next generation.

The premiere of the documentary was on the 28th of January at Forum Images in Groningen.

The documentary will soon be published online. To be updated about this, please visit the website www.buchenwald-docu.nl or follow the project at facebook.com/projectbuchenwald

“In stilte stuurde het mijn leven”
Documentary (22 minutes)