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ITS 2015 Annual Report online

New ways to access the documents in the ITS archive, an increase in the number of inquiries and interesting projects showing the different avenues of research: The Annual Report 2015 provides a look at the work of the ITS and is now available online at the ITS website.

The new online archive is a milestone on the way towards improved access to the valuable documents of the ITS. As of October 2015 the first three collections can be viewed online. The Annual Report 2015 documents the expectations the ITS has regarding the online placement, and what the initial response to this has been.

The publication of the photos of effects in the online archive made particular waves. Wallets with photos and documents, pocket-watches, pens, and costume jewelry – the ITS still holds some 3,200 personal belongings of concentration camp prisoners in its archive. Thanks to the publication of photos of the effects in the online archive, it was already possible in November and December to return some of these personal objects, among them a wallet with a farewell letter and a very personal notebook diary, to family members of the original owners.

Moreover, there is information about other events, pilot projects in the area of digital humanities which the ITS is involved in, and encounters with former victims of Nazi persecution and their family members. In 2015 the ITS was once again able to help reunite people who had been separated by the crimes committed by the Nazi Regime.

ITS Annual Report 2015 (PDF)