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ITS Exhibition on Death Marches Shown at Konrad-Zuse Museum in Hünfeld

Exhibition on death marches shown at Hünfeld.

The touring exhibition “Looking for Traces – The Death Marches as Reflected in the Documents of the International Tracing Service (ITS)” will be shown at Konrad-Zuse Museum in Hünfeld until late April. It provides its visitors with an insight into the ITS documents on the subject and introduces individual fates as well as the feelings of the survivors. The death marches are considered to be the last organised mass crime of Nazi Germany.

Marking the 68th anniversary of the death march from the Frankfurt Adler works via Hanau, Fulda and Hünfeld to Buchenwald, the Konrad-Zuse Museum in Hünfeld intends to draw the public’s attention to the crime with this exhibition. After a four-day march the prisoners from the satellite camp Katzenbach arrived at Hünfeld and were loaded on train wagons and sent in the Buchenwald direction.

Only 40 out of an approximate total of 300 inmates managed to survive these horrors. Many of them were cruelly murdered by the guards, because they could not endure the inhumane strain any more after many months in the camp. Contemporary witnesses also tell of the shooting of one concentration camp inmate in Hünfeld.

Displayed on seven banners designed on the basis of newly found and analysed documents, a short text serves as an introduction into the exhibition subject. In a second step the origin and variety of the documents are described followed by the biographies of two victims of the death marches whose mortal remains could be identified. Fragmented memories of the death marches gathered from the ITS documentary are followed by a third biography of a survivor.

Exhibition “Looking for Traces – The Death Marches as Reflected in the Documents of the International Tracing Service (ITS)”
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