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Jointly Shaping Remembrance

Günter Saathoff and Martin Bock from the “Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft (EVZ)” (foundation on remembrance, responsibility and future) came to see and have talks at the International Tracing Service (ITS) on 25 February 2011. “We want to find out in which fields we have tasks in common and so may start cooperation. It is important to concentrate competence”, explained Saathoff, member of the EVZ board of directors.

It is the remembrance work in particular where the two EVZ representatives see starting-points for future cooperation between the ITS and the foundation. Following an extensive round through the archives and the various service departments, they talked to ITS Director Jean-Luc Blondel and Dr Susanne Urban, Head of the Research Department. “Maybe we can jointly prepare and organise an exhibition for a start soon”, said Bock, team leader at the EVZ and, in that role, in charge of the program “Analysing and discussing history”.

The visitors were pleased with the changes and developments they noticed at the ITS. “A climate of openness of mind is perceptible here”, so Saathoff. “The ITS is not an office merely doing its duty, but a liberal and urbane, a task- and future-oriented site.” Both EVZ representatives had sensed the good will of making the documents accessible to historical research here.