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Learning from History: Focus on the ITS

From the new e-Guide to documentED, a tailored service for preparation and follow-up on visits to memorials, the June 2018 edition of the magazine “Lernen aus der Geschichte” (Learning from History)—entitled “Learning with Documents: The Educational Work of the ITS”—is devoted to the work of the International Tracing Service (ITS) and introduces current projects and ideas for educational work in schools and memorials.

The ITS is the world’s most extensive archive on the victims of National Socialism and an important source of knowledge for today’s society. The latest edition of Learning from History focusses on how the historical concentration camp documents and records on forced laborers and displaced persons can be used for educational work. A special aspect here is the biographical approach to Nazi persecution: after all, the records in the ITS archive document millions of individual fates. Precisely that circumstance accounts for their high educational value, because stories about real people bring history to life—and not just for young people.

In the new edition, members of the ITS staff as well as historians and teachers talk about the institution’s educational work from various perspectives. In fifteen contributions, they introduce various programs and projects and shed light on the practical use of the archive. Articles by authors from England, Russia and the U.S. present examples of how ITS documents can be used by partners all over the world.

Click here for the June 2018 edition of Learning from History: “Learning with Documents: The Educational Work of the ITS.”